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  White Wine  

Sauvignon Blanc Symphonie (Romania)
This Sauvignon Blanc Symphonie   has an intense floral bouquet dominated by a touch of asparagus.
With a harmonious and profound taste, it warms up the sense, inspires poetry and optimistic dreams.                                                             

Sauvignon Blanc Symphonie

Baron White  (France)
This Baron Saint George is coming out one of the best cellar ,  the Gironde. It has very aromatic and fresh nose. A light body makes it a wine for the  whole day.

Baron White

Chardonnay Viejo (Argentina)  
Bright, pale  yellow color , light aromas of fresh melon and  green apple. This wine is smooth on the palace and well balanced. I deal to drink with light food.

Chardonnay Viejo

Sauvignon Blanc  Yali (Chile)
A fresh and zesty wine with intense aromas of tropical and citrus fruits.  It’s smoothness and balanced acidity on the palate make it ideal either on it’s own or to accompany shellfish, fish and white meat.

Sauvignon Blanc  Yali
  Red Wine  

Cabernet Symphonie  (Romania)
This young red wine has a beautiful red color.  It is dry and well rounded with a pleasing bouquet resulting from fermentation in oak barrels.  It is a good value for money for banqueting, catering, and parties. 

Cabernet Symphonie

Richmomd Ridge Shiraz Cabernet (Australia)
Rich and full of flavour, this vibrant wine displays spicy dark berry flavours supported by lifted sweet vanilla oak and stewed plum characters .

Richmomd Ridge Shiraz Cabernet

Syrah Viejo Vinedo”  (Argentina)
It has a deep purple color and a full body. It displays firm tannins and has rich flavors of black cherries, plums, and bell peppers. Good to be service with red meat and any kind of steak.

Syrah Viejo Vinedo

Cabernet Sauvignon Yali (Chile)
A rich and juicy wine of intense ruby colour  with aromas of plums, raspberries and cherries, producing great structure on the palate, An ideal accompaniment to red meats, pastas and strong cheeses. Yali is the name given to a native bird which overflies our vineyards, whose sociability and beauty reflects the soul of our wines.

Cabernet Sauvignon Yali

Malbec Bodega Privada (Argentina)
This Malbec is full bodied. It has a generous and complex aroma, reminding of red fruits, such as plums, cherries, and raspberries. A warming velvety wine of great evolution backed with sweet tannins, this wine has a concentrated body with a round and long finish.

Malbec Bodega Privada